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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Comfrey ointment, cream, poultice, the herbal remedy for broken bones, sprains and fractures

For healing:

· acne & boils

· back pain

· bruises

· cuts grazes & wounds

· fractures & sprains

· itchiness

· joint pain

· scars

The herbal remedy for broken bones, sprains and fractures – it is essential in the herbal first aid box. Rub the ointment in to the damaged area (where the skin is broken use Marigold) as quickly as you can, the sooner applied the more swelling and pain will be avoided. Comfrey also helps to heal scars – old and new. For acne and boils add 5 drops of Ti-tree oil to each 10 g of ointment – mix it well in and put on the affected skin.


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