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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Aloe Vera gel healing of burns, wounds and skin problems

For healing:

· acne

· bites and stings

· burns

· chilblains

· cuts

· itchiness

· sunburn

· wounds

Known as the ‘First Aid Plant’ in the USA Aloe vera is drying and protective for the skin, powerfully increasing the rate of healing of burns, wounds and skin problems. It is even used for radiation burns! Buy the gel, soak in cotton wool and dab directly on to the sore, spot or wound. Better to keep a plant and break off a leaf to release the gel when needed! (Use only the juice, not the yellow sap). Bandages soaked in the gel come off more easily when removed. A very useful remedy for many first aid situations.

by: Andrew Chevallier


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Klinik Herbal Indonesia
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