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Monday, May 26, 2008

Herbal First Aid Kit

The 10 herbs listed below are those most helpful in first aid problems and minor infections. These 10 – when used together with the bandages, sticking plasters, thermometer etc. of a normal first aid kit – make a very effective herbal first aid box.

1. Aloe vera gel

2. Arnica ointment

3. Comfrey ointment

4. Echinacea tablets (or tincture)

5. Garlic capsules (or fresh)

6. Lavender oil

7. Marigold ointment and tincture

8. Slippery Elm tablets (or powder)

9. Thyme oil (and herb)

10. Tea-tree oil

If you buy all these in small quantities you will have a compact and portable herbal first aid kit – quite small enough to take away on holiday and able to help with everything from sunburn to insect bites and stomach upsets.

To see the details about 10 herbs above, please click in category item.

by: Andrew Chevallier


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Klinik Herbal Indonesia
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