Resep Pengobatan Tradisional Indonesia Herbal Tanaman Yang Berasal Dari Alam

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Research on herbal remedies

Numerous studies on herbal remedies have been done in Europe and Asia. European studies have shown benefits from such herbs as ginkgo, bilberry extract, and milk thistle in treating various chronic disorders. Chinese researchers have extensively studied many herbs, such as ginseng, fresh ginger rhizome, foxglove, licorice root, and wild chrysanthemum. Indian researchers using modem scientific methods have recently studied various Ayurvedic, herbs, including Indian gooseberry and turmeric.

Taking herbal remedies safely

Many people take for granted the safety of the drugs and foods they buy. But unlike drugs, herbal remedies aren't reviewed by any government agency for quality, dosage, safety, or efficacy. If you're thinking about taking an herb, know that the vast majority of botanical products sold in the United States haven't been scientifically tested. Their alleged benefits are based largely on word-of-mouth.

Charles W. Fetrow, Pharm.D. , Juan R. Avila, Pharm.D.


Klinik Herbal Indonesia

Klinik Herbal Indonesia
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